Department of Finance - Subpoenas

A subpoena is a court order requiring a person or organisation to produce something.
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Issuing a subpoena

You can issue a subpoena for the Department of Finance to produce information by emailing or addressing the subpoena to:

The Proper Officer

Department of Finance

Locked Bag 11

Cloisters Square WA 6850

Subpoenas for tax information

The Commissioner of State Revenue is subject to a duty of confidentiality under section 114 of the Taxation Administration Act 2003 and is not obliged to produce any material under a subpoena. A court cannot require the Commissioner to produce records other than in proceedings arising from the lawful disclosure of information.

If a subpoena is served, the Commissioner will generally seek to have it dismissed. If you don’t withdraw the subpoena, you may be ordered to pay the Commissioner’s court costs.

Accessing information without issuing a subpoena

You can request access to information held by the Department of Finance without issuing a subpoena.

  • For tax information - the person to whom the information relates can request their own information by contacting RevenueWA.
  • For all other information – contact the Senior Corporate Governance and FOI Coordinator at