Percent for Art Scheme

The State Government's Percent for Art Scheme encourages art in the built environment by using a percentage of a development's overall budget to commission art on new public buildings such as schools, police stations and hospitals.
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Western Australian artists are contracted to deliver exciting artwork for major new public buildings under the State Government’s Percent for Art Scheme.

The Percent for Art Scheme requires up to one percent of the construction budget for new works over $2 million, to be spent on artwork.

The scheme is a State Government initiative that started in 1989. It is managed by the Department of Finance in partnership with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries ˗ which is responsible for arts policy in the State.

Previously completed artworks

A collection of brochures highlighting the artwork that has been completed under the Scheme for each financial year.

Percent for Art Scheme videos

A collection of videos highlighting public building artworks.

Coming Out - Public Art in Western Australia by Andra Kins


The Journey of a River - An Artwork for the Supreme Court of Western Australia with Artist Jo Darbyshire


The State Coat of Arms - Artwork in the Supreme Court of Western Australia with artist Trish Bygott