Revenue Online system requirements

Online Payroll Tax, Online Duties, OSR Duties Lodgments, Online Insurance Duty

System requirements and password policy for using Revenue Online (Online Payroll Tax, Online Duties, OSR Duties Lodgments or Online Insurance Duty).

System requirements

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While Revenue Online will work on a number of different browsers and operating systems, some system requirements will allow for optimal usage.

The following are recommended.

  • Operating systems - Windows 7 or 10
  • Internet browsers
    • Google Chrome (preferred)
    • Mozilla Firefox (preferred)
    • MS Edge
    • Internet Explorer IE11
    • Apple Safari
  • Screen resolution - 1680 x 1050 pixels or higher
  • Cookies must be enabled. Use your browser's Help function or contact your Systems Administrator for information about how to enable cookies.

Password policy

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Passwords that can be guessed by unauthorised users create the opportunity for breaches of security.

To ensure maximum security, passwords must be hard to guess, not just by other people but also by extremely fast computers armed with multilingual dictionaries.

Your password must

  • be between 8-20 characters in length
  • contain a combination of upper and lower alpha characters
  • contain at least 1 numeric character or special character (!@#$%^&*)
  • contain spaces if you wish

Your password must not

  • contain the word 'password'
  • contain 4 consecutive keyboard characters (e.g ABCD, ZXCV, ASDF, QWER, 1234, 2345, 7890)
  • contain your Revenue Online username
  • contain your contact name (e.g. Contact Name = James Smith. The password cannot contain James or Smith)
  • contain your contact telephone number
  • be divulged to anyone
  • be written down or displayed


61 8 9262 1300 (Payroll Tax)
61 8 9262 1113 (Online Duties)
61 8 9262 1112 (Insurance Duty)
Page reviewed 20 September 2019