Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation – Economic development

We are the Lead Agency for the implementation of Diversify WA, the Western Australian Government’s economic development framework.
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The WA Government released its economic development framework, Diversify WA, in July 2019. The vision of Diversify WA is for the state to have ‘a strong and diversified economy delivering secure, quality jobs through increased investment across a broad range of industries.

To achieve this vision, Diversify WA identified priority sectors of the economy that would be a development focus for government.

The following 6 priority sectors were identified based on a matching of global trends to the state’s strengths:

  • energy
  • tourism, events and creative industries
  • international education
  • mining and mining equipment and technical services
  • technology and advanced manufacturing
  • primary industries

Given our existing role in the development of many of these sectors, the department was appointed the lead agency for the implementation of Diversify WA.

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