Veteran Employment

When veterans leave the ADF they take with them a unique combination of qualifications, training, experience and skills. Veterans bring technical expertise in sought-after fields including healthcare, trades, engineering, project management, logistics, information management, hospitality & security.
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Top five skills veterans bring to the civilian workforce.


Leadership is expected at all levels in the ADF. Veterans have experience working in and leading teams that work together to achieve goals. Leading by example, veterans are expected to delegate, motivate, inspire and deliver results.

Risk Management

Veterans are trained to put into practice risk-mitigation strategies to ensure that even in difficult situations they are able to achieve the best results. ADF members plan and replan, test and re-test, check and re-check in every scenario. Success depends on every member of the team being solely focused on delivering their part.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

All members of the ADF use their knowledge, available facts and situational awareness to solve issues and problems. ‘It can’t be done’ is not something you will hear from a veteran; they are dedicated to finding a solution and delivering results no matter the situation. Veterans are adaptable and flexible and used to operating in a fast paced, changing environment.


Clear, concise and accurate communications are vital for the effective operation of the ADF. Effective communication is an essential part of operation. Veterans can identify, articulate and share relevant information using well developed communication skills.

Values Driven

Members of the ADF are known for their values of integrity, loyalty, self-discipline and perseverance. They have a strong work ethic and their dedication and attention to detail ensures great results.

Why hire veterans?

Working Spirit and the Transition Employment Portal (TEP)

Working Spirit Logo

Funded by the State Government through the Anzac Day Trust and working collaboratively with RSLWA, Working Spirit has an exclusive pool of veterans who have received world class training from the Australian Defence Force (ADF). With over 200 jobs in the ADF, veterans have demonstrated experience and high-level capabilities in leadership and decision making, problem solving and critical thinking, risk management and communication to name a few. 

​Through our hiring events, networking events, and internships, Working Spirit connects businesses with accomplished individuals from the military and emergency community who are ready to work.

Working Spirit

Transition Employment Porta

The Transition Employment Portal (TEP), a joint online platform between Working Spirit and RSL Western Australia connects veterans and transitioning service members with employers who are committed to hiring and supporting them. This platform is available Australia wide for companies to capture the talent by hiring a veteran.

Transition Employment Portal – Employers

Transition Employment Portal – Veterans

Defence Industry Veteran Employment Scheme (DIVES)


Funded by the State Government and supported by the WA defence industry, the DIVES
Scholarship Program provides 80 scholarships of up to $5,000 to eligible veterans.

These $5,000 scholarships help eligible veterans to:

  • cover costs relating to vocational education and training (VET) and university studies relevant to defence
  • industry careers, including tuition and other compulsory fees, textbooks and equipment; and
  • access career planning support from the DIVES program to identify training or further study leading to defence industry career pathways.

Defence Industry Veteran Employment Scheme (DIVES)

Veteran Employment Opportunities

Jobs & Skills WA

Jobs & Skills WA - Defence Industry

If you're a veteran of the Australian Defence Force — ex-serving , or in active or inactive reserve service in the Navy, Air Force or Army — or considering your career options outside of the ADF, there's a range of opportunities waiting for you!

Our defence industry develops, maintains and implements cutting edge technology, infrastructure and assets across all five defence capability domains — information and cyber, maritime, air, space, and land. Each domain offers a range of jobs and careers from specialist trades such as welding, fabrication and electrical through to paraprofessional and professional roles such as engineering, logistics and project management.

Jobs & Skills WA

Hancock Prospecting

WA Mining and Agriculture - Hancock Prospecting

Hancock Prospecting (including its majority ownership in Roy Hill) has grown into one of the most successful private companies in Australia’s history, and is a diversified company group with interests in iron ore, coal, beef, dairy as well as continuing mineral exploration and development. 

Hancock Prospecting is built on good Australian values where loyalty and performance are rewarded. Our vision is to create pathways to business and employment opportunity for veterans and ex military across Hancock Prospecting. We want veterans and ex-military personnel to feel valued and preferentially treated when they approach us and that we create a real sense of recognition of military service to the country for which they served which for the majority will be Australia.

Hancock Prospecting – Veterans for Jobs

Veteran Employment Program

Veteran Employment Program

As a veteran, you will recognise that leaving the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is a period of significant change. Your ADF training and experience has provided you with an extensive range of skills, abilities, behaviours and attributes that make you a valuable employee. These talents are transferable between military and civilian life.

The Veterans' Employment Toolkit was developed as a practical guide to planning your transition to the civilian workforce by providing you with information on how to: translate your skills; plan your transition to a civilian career; apply for jobs, and adjust to the civilian workforce.

Veteran Employment Toolkit


Department of Veteran Affairs - Careers

Careers for Indigenous Australians - DVA is seeking to engage Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander persons for ongoing and non-ongoing employment with the Department. Non-ongoing opportunities are roles offered for a specified term. Registering for the Indigenous Skills Talent Acquisition Register (iSTAR) makes it easier for you explore and gain opportunities to work with us at DVA. 

Careers for Indigenous Australians

Australian Public Service Jobs

Australian Public Service (APS)

The APS has a wide range of opportunities, and offers full time, part time and temporary or non-ongoing roles across a range of locations in Australia and overseas. There are entry level, management and technical positions as well as policy, project administrative and support roles. Apprenticeship, Indigenous career pathways, school leaver and graduate programs are all available. The APS also offers generous leave and flexible working conditions, above average superannuation contributions and the opportunity to influence the future of all Australians for the better.

APS Jobs – WA