Aboriginal heritage

Aboriginal sites are of immense cultural, scientific, educational and historic interest and provide Aboriginal people with an important link to their present and past culture.
Last updated: 24 August 2023

The State Government has announced it will change the legislative framework that is currently in place for Aboriginal heritage. The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 will be repealed and an amended version of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 will be presented to Parliament.

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Approvals may be required for activities that may impact Aboriginal cultural heritage in WA. The Department will continue to assist land user, including:

  • working with Aboriginal people to protect their cultural heritage and manage places and objects of significance
  • providing advice about the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage and maintaining a directory sites, places and objects
  • maintaining a directory of sites, places and objects and providing access to Aboriginal heritage information
  • administering a grants program that provides funding for Aboriginal communities to protect and promote their heritage.


Aboriginal sites, objects and ancestral remains

The ACH Act provides protection for Aboriginal sites, objects and ancestral remains.