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What is Aboriginal heritage? 

Aboriginal heritage holds significant value to Aboriginal people for their social, spiritual, historical, scientific, or aesthetic importance within Aboriginal traditions. 

This could include rock art, ancient caves or burial sites, waterways, ceremonial sites or scar trees. 

Laws are in place in Western Australia to protect and manage Aboriginal heritage. Before undertaking any activities on your land, check for Aboriginal heritage.

The State Government will commence a long-term plan over the next 10 years to undertake heritage surveys of unsurveyed areas in high priority areas of the State, with the consent of landowners. Surveys will be centrally held and published by Government, and available to view by all land users. 

There will be no requirement on everyday landowners to conduct their own heritage survey, Surveys required for the purposes of mining, extractive industries and major land subdivisions will continue to be the responsibility of industry, however the State Government’s long term survey plan will be of assistance to all Western Australians, including these industries. 

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The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Inquiry System (ACHIS) provides locations and information about Aboriginal heritage in Western Australia. 

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The results will include past survey reports, places, cultural landscapes, protected areas, local Aboriginal cultural heritage services and Native Title Parties. 

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Downloading search results

Search results can be displayed in a list or table format, downloaded as a PDF report, or exported as a Microsoft Excel or .csv file.  

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Request site files

The Department can arrange access to the contents of specific Aboriginal cultural heritage information and reports upon request, provided they do not contain culturally sensitive information, or where appropriate permissions have been provided. To access files and heritage survey reports electronically, or to provide information about Aboriginal heritage, please contact us through the Aboriginal Heritage Enquiry Form.

About the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Inquiry System

The ACHIS provides details, such as:

  • the location and extent of each Aboriginal cultural heritage place and cultural landscape Note: to preserve confidentiality, the exact location and extent of some places are not displayed on the map—however a shaded region (generally with an area of at least 4km²) provides a general indication of where the place is located
  • the Directory record status for each place or cultural landscape:
    • Directory: Aboriginal heritage place or cultural landscape. Aboriginal places assessed as ‘Registered’ or ‘Lodged’ under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 will appear in the Directory.
    • Pending: Aboriginal heritage place or cultural landscape with information in a verification process.
    • Historical: Aboriginal heritage places determined to not meet the criteria of section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. Includes places that no longer exist as a result of land use activities with existing approvals.
  • Local cultural Aboriginal heritage services and Native Title Parties.
  • Permits and Management Plans including the area, title and proponent. (Note: historical and transitional section 18s will not be available on 1 July, and will become available some weeks later).
  • Survey report details including the area, title of the report and author.
  • Protected areas showing the relevant area and name. Details of conditions that relate to a protected area can be provided on request.

Some information on the ACH Directory, including the precision of Aboriginal cultural heritage boundaries, is based on historical information provided before the use of accurate spatial referencing tools such as GPS or high-resolution mapping systems. It therefore may be inaccurate and indicative.

Please check the status of the ‘boundary reliable’ field for any Aboriginal cultural heritage you are accessing. If you are aware of updated information relating to Aboriginal cultural heritage, please report this information to the Department.

Terms of use

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