Regulatory Compliance

DPIRD regulates our primary industries, protects our natural resources, and maintains ethical production standards. We have a fair and accountable regulatory approach that includes monitoring and investigation services.
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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has important statutory functions as a regulator. The document Regulatory Compliance Approach has been prepared to increase community awareness and understanding of the way DPIRD delivers its regulatory compliance responsibilities, and to provide clarity on what primary industries and the Western Australian community can expect from DPIRD as a regulator.

The way DPIRD approaches its regulatory responsibilities should give confidence to the Western Australian community that there is sustainable use of our natural resources and soils, integrity in our biosecurity systems, and strong measures to protect Western Australia’s brand and reputation as a reliable producer of premium, clean and ethical food and products.

DPIRD has strong partnerships with the primary industries sector, and key industry and community stakeholders. These partnerships are important in collaborating to achieve continuous improvement of DPIRD’s regulatory function.

DPIRD is committed to delivering a comprehensive awareness and education program to improve awareness of the legislation, and to increase people’s ability to willingly comply with the regulatory requirements.

DPIRD delivers a range of monitoring, surveillance, inspection, and investigation services. This regulatory compliance program plays an important role in general deterrence to non-compliance with the legislation, and provides confidence to the community that offences will be detected and responded to appropriately and consistently proportionate to risk.

The Regulatory Compliance Approach document outlines the empowered culture of strong, fair, and accountable compliance regulation DPIRD commits to as a regulator, and articulates how the agency will approach regulation of the primary industries and community across all of the legislation it administers.