Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupational Registration (AMR) scheme

A new scheme to improve occupational mobility.
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The AMR scheme makes it easier for workers who need to be licensed or registered for their job to work in other states and territories. Those eligible for AMR will not be required to apply for recognition and pay for a second licence if they are already licensed to perform the same activities in their home state.

The AMR scheme commenced in Western Australia on 1 July 2022. 

The AMR scheme is an Australian Government-led initiative which operates in all Australian states and territories excluding Queensland. Workers may only work under AMR in Western Australia if their home state is participating (and vice versa).

There are a number of safeguards in the AMR scheme to maintain existing standards of consumer and environmental protection, animal welfare and the health and safety of workers and the public.

Workers are required to meet appropriate standards including only working within the scope of their registration or licence, complying with local laws in states and territories in which they work and meeting any public protection requirements that apply to their occupation. Further general information on the AMR scheme can be found here.

Working in Western Australia 

Registrations and licences recognised in Western Australia through the AMR scheme

Registrations and licences recognised in Western Australia through the AMR scheme are; 

For most of these registrations and licences, workers are required to notify the relevant local registration authority of their intent to work in Western Australia under the AMR scheme. This will include providing evidence of their home state registration or licence and confirmation that they meet any public protection requirements. Please contact the relevant local registration authority for further details.

The worker’s home state is their primary place of residence or work. If a worker’s home state changes to WA, they must apply through mutual recognition arrangements for a new substantive registration or licence in WA. They are still entitled to work in WA under AMR while their application for a substantive registration is being progressed.

The following registrations and licences are currently excluded from the AMR scheme due to significant risks to the health and safety of workers and/or the public.

  • Security occupations (agents, crowd controllers and investigators)
  • Firearms-related activities 
  • Teachers
  • Electricians
  • Marine Pilots

Further details are available here.

Workers in these occupations can still access mutual recognition arrangements by contacting the relevant local registration authority.

Working in other states and territories 

If a worker is registered or licensed in WA and wants to work in another state or territory, they will need to check their eligibility for AMR with the relevant participating jurisdictions.