Electoral Reform Submissions

Members of the public and interested organisations are invited to make written submissions to the Ministerial Expert Committee.
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The Committee is only able to consider matters that relate to the its Terms of Reference. Please note that submissions that address matters outside the Terms of Reference will not be considered by the Committee.

The deadline for submissions has now been extended.  Interested members of the public and stakeholders are asked to provide submissions no later than 5:00pm Tuesday 8 June 2021.

Submissions received by the Committee can be treated as public or confidential. The Committee's preference is to make submissions public, but there are various reasons why this is not always possible. Requests for confidentiality will be considered however, the Committee reserves the right to publish all submissions and is not liable for the content or the disclosure of submissions.

The signed submission must contain details of your full name or organisation name, postal and email address and telephone contact.  Submissions can be made on behalf of individuals or groups. 

Submissions should be emailed to: submissions@waelectoralreform.wa.gov.au

To view the submissions received to date, visit the submissions page.