Applying for PeopleWA data

To help plan your PeopleWA research project application, refer to the following resources for information on dataset availability and the information required for submission.
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Applications to access PeopleWA data can be made through the PeopleWA application system.  

Applications are reviewed in several stages and approval timeframes may vary.

Before you apply

Refer to the following resources to plan your PeopleWA research project: 

Approval process


The PeopleWA team reviews the technical feasibility of your application and may provide feedback. You can update your application based on any feedback you receive. 

Data custodian review

Data custodians review your application against legislative requirements and the Five Safes, and may provide feedback. You can update your application based on any feedback you receive.

PeopleWA Governance Group review

The PeopleWA Governance Group reviews all applications to access PeopleWA. You may be asked to present your project to the group to assist with the review process.  

Ethical and governance approval

All research applications require approval by an accredited human research ethics committee.

Additionally, research applications for information held by the Department of Health require approval from the Department‘s Human Research Ethics Committee as per its Research Governance Framework, facilitated by the Research Governance Service.

You are required to provide proof of these external approvals.

To assist with your external approvals, you can request written in-principle approval for your project. Contact the PeopleWA team to discuss. 

Final approval

You will be contacted via email and the application system on whether your application is approved. 

PeopleWA e-research platform

You will be contacted to arrange access to the e-research platform, where you can undertake analysis of PeopleWA data in a secure and controlled environment. Any data extracts require approval by the PeopleWA team to ensure continued data security.

You must formally agree with PeopleWA Terms and Conditions before you can access the e-research platform.

Review of research outputs

All research outputs must be presented to PeopleWA data custodians for their review before publication. This includes analysis reports, presentations, website content and/or preliminary research findings.