Public interest disclosures in Western Australia

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet strongly supports disclosures by employees, contractors and members of the community regarding corrupt or improper conduct.
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The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (the Act) promotes accountability within government agencies by facilitating the disclosure of public interest information involving misconduct, offences, misuse of public resources or risks to public health or safety. The Act also serves as a means to protect those who make disclosures to appropriate authorities, and those who are the subject of disclosures. 

The Department recognises the value and importance of reporting to identify and address potential wrongdoing. The Department undertakes that it will respond to disclosures thoroughly, impartially and treat all people in the disclosure process fairly, including those who may be the subject of a disclosure.

The Department’s internal procedures guide provides further information on how the Department deals with and processes public interest disclosures. A copy of the guide can be obtained upon request.  

We strongly encourage anyone thinking about making a public interest disclosure to seek confidential advice from one of the nominated Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Officers listed on the Public interest disclosure officer contact directory.

Those wishing to make a disclosure of public interest information under the Act are encouraged to do so in writing. The Public Interest Disclosure Lodgement Form is available to assist you define the details of your disclosure. A copy of the form is available below. Disclosures can be emailed to one of the PID Officers listed on the contact directory.

Further information and advice on making a public interest disclosure can be found on the Public Sector Commission website.