The Supporting Communities Forum 2024-2025

An initiative to build a collaborative partnership between the WA Government and the community services sector, a key contributor to economic growth, employment and community wellbeing, particularly for vulnerable Western Australians.
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The Supporting Communities Forum (Forum) is a critical advisory board to the WA Government, which supports the development of strong, collaborative relationships between Government and the community services sector to address complex challenges and emerging issues. The community services sector is a key Government partner in the delivery of services and a significant contributor to economic growth, employment and community wellbeing, particularly for vulnerable Western Australians. 

In March 2024, a new two-year term of the Supporting Communities Forum was formally endorsed by Government, with its term ending on 31 December 2025. 

More information on the Forum is provided in the sections below. 

Meeting Schedule

The two-hour quarterly meetings of the forum in 2024 and 2025 will be held at Dumas House.
Meeting datesDeadline - Submissions due to Secretariat
Tuesday, 23 April 20245:00pm Friday, 12 April 2024
Wednesday, 19 June 20245:00pm Wednesday, 5 June 2024
Wednesday, 4 September 20245:00pm Wednesday, 21 August 2024
Wednesday, 27 November 20245:00pm Wednesday, 13 November 2024
Wednesday, 9 April 20255:00pm Wednesday, 26 March 2025
Wednesday, 18 June 20255:00pm Wednesday, 4 June 2025
Wednesday, 10 September 20255:00pm Wednesday, 27 August 2025
Wednesday, 19 November 20255:00pm Wednesday, 5 November 2025

Submissions are to be emailed to the Supporting Communities Forum Secretariat at

Meeting papers will be circulated to Forum members a week before each meeting.

For more information or questions, please contact the Forum Secretariat at

Communiques and Papers

Communique and Meeting Notes are released following each quarterly meeting of the Supporting Communities Forum. 

Forum priorities and workplan

During its two-year term until 31 December 2025, the Supporting Communities Forum will advise and focus on three key work priorities, which are: 

  • Implementation of the National Principles in Child Safe Organisations
  • Application of the Carers Recognition Act 2004 in Western Australia
  • Implementation of the State Commissioning Strategy for Community Services

Additionally, and within the context of its Terms of Reference, the Forum will continue building on established relationships with the Aboriginal Advisory Council of WA (AACWA) and the Ministerial Multicultural Advisory Council, to advise on key policy reform initiatives and ensure the interests of Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse people and communities are appropriately addressed. 

Current Forum Membership

The Forum is Co-Chaired by Mr Dan Minchin, Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Australia Ltd., and Ms Lanie Chopping, Director General of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. The Deputy Chairperson is Ms Sandy McKiernan, Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Affairs Council of WA.

Membership consists of 10 Directors General and Commissioners from Government agencies, and 16 senior leaders from the community services sector. 

More information on the current 26 members of the Forum can be found here.