Work with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Pursue a career in a lead agency of the Western Australian Government.
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The Department of the Premier and Cabinet provides whole-of-government advice and support to the Premier and Cabinet in their service of the WA community.

Our vision is to be recognised as well informed, collaborative and innovative leaders of the public sector, supported by staff who share our values - respecting and recognising the contribution of colleagues, working collaboratively and professionally, and with an openness to diverse ideas and views.

If you are looking for an opportunity to progress in a rewarding and challenging career, then the Department could be the workplace for you.


Employment benefits

We are a workplace of choice.

We are located next to beautiful Kings Park in the parliamentary precinct, adjacent to the CBD, with free transport via CAT services and other bus routes.

Our flexible work and leave arrangements enable our people to successfully balance their work and other commitments. In addition to regular salary increases and employer-funded superannuation, we also offer: 

  • leave loading 
  • access to salary packaging arrangements 
  • ongoing professional development, study/leave assistance 
  • leadership development programs 
  • wellness program promoting a healthy work-life balance with vaccinations, fitness classes and an employee assistance program.


Your eligibility

What we require.

Advertised positions are open to any person on the following conditions:

  • For a permanent appointment, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia. 
  • For a casual or fixed-term appointment, you must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia or hold a valid working visa. 

If you are not an Australian citizen or resident and do not hold a valid working visa, you must obtain a working visa at your own expense prior to starting with us.

The selection process

What happens after applications close.

The selection panel will assess each application and shortlist the most competitive applicants.

A variety of methods to assess suitability for the role may be used, including:

  • An interview
  • A presentation
  • Case scenarios or role plays
  • Work and skills based exercises
  • Examples of previous work
  • Referee checks.

You will be advised of the methods that will be used if you are shortlisted based on your written application.

The selection methodology will directly relate to the requirements of the position and will be applied consistently throughout the selection process. 

Please note that all advice on your success or otherwise happens at the end of the recruitment process. If you were not selected for an interview, you may not receive any feedback until all interviews have been conducted and a recommendation made. If there is an unanticipated delay, you will be kept informed.

To check on the progress of the recruitment process, please telephone the position contact person specified in the advertisement.

Preparing for your interview

What to consider before you meet the selection panel.

Get in touch with the position's contact person if you have any concerns, questions or special needs prior to the interview.

Interview questions will relate directly to the work requirements of the position and you should consider the following in your preparation: 

  • The qualities you bring to the position
  • How you present yourself
  • How well your responses demonstrate that you can perform the duties of the role. 

The panel will be looking for the best person for the job and may make notes to help recall information to facilitate their decision. They will ask you for more information if they need to and you are welcome to ask questions or clarify information.

You will be notified of the outcome and of the name of a person to contact for feedback on your application.  You will also be advised of your right to lodge a Breach of Standard Claim within four (4) working days.

A Breach of Claim cannot be lodged on the grounds that you consider yourself more competitive than the successful candidate, but rather to address your concerns if you feel that the selection process has been breached in accordance with the Public Sector Standard in Human Resources Management. More information about the Public Sector Standards or breach of standards can be found on the Public Sector Commission website.