Licence exemptions

Energy Policy WA administers energy licence exemptions. The exemptions framework recognises that not all arrangements for the generation, delivery and sale of electricity and gas may be practical to be licensed.
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What is an electricity or gas licence?

Under the Electricity Industry Act 2004 anyone generating, distributing or selling electricity to customers in Western Australia must hold a licence or a licence exemption. Under the Energy Coordination Act 1994 anyone who distributes or sells gas to a small-use customer in Western Australia using a gas distribution system (pipes and gas infrastructure) must hold a licence or licence exemption.

Examples of licence exemptions

Some of the different types of licence exemptions currently in place include exemptions for small electricity generation facilities, the provision of electricity for electric vehicle charging stations; electricity supplies to Aboriginal communities; and on-sellers in embedded energy networks.    

To submit a licence exemption application or make an enquiry about licence exemptions email