Western Australia is about to transform, decarbonise and future-proof our biggest electricity network.
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PoweringWA is a new entity created to deliver the step change in electricity infrastructure needed to power our renewable energy transformation.

It's time to upgrade WA's electricity system

WA’s main electricity grid, the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), was built decades ago and is in need of an upgrade due to the rapid energy transition we’re currently experiencing. It was initially designed to transport electricity generated from coal-fired power stations in Collie, and gas-fired power stations around the metropolitan area, which still have a substantial carbon footprint. 

WA is blessed to have some of the best renewable energy resources in the world, vast areas rich in solar and wind power that can generate low-emissions electricity at scale. Some of these areas happen to be near WA’s existing electricity infrastructure, but many of them aren’t. 

To make the most of these incredible renewable resources, and upgrade our grid to power a low-emissions economy, we need to be able to move large volumes of clean electricity generated, to homes and businesses. That is why electricity transmission lines are so important. 

The WA Government has made significant commitments to reduce our carbon emissions and address the impacts of climate change, for WA and beyond. This requires a major transformation to make WA's electricity generation, storage and transmission infrastructure future-ready. 

To support this transition, the WA Government has established PoweringWA to coordinate the delivery of new electricity infrastructure at the pace needed for decarbonisation.

Our vision for WA’s low-emissions energy future

With WA’s electricity requirements growing, the need for large-scale network upgrades and new renewable generation and storage capacity in the SWIS is bigger than ever. In May 2023, the Government released its SWIS Demand Assessment report, a comprehensive assessment designed to understand the requirements of upgrading and future-proofing WA’s main electricity grid. 

The report identifies the optimal mix of large-scale renewable generation and storage capacity, and the scale of the transmission network build, required to support the transition toward net zero emissions by 2050. It highlighted that we need to upgrade the existing network and build new transmission lines to harness the power of renewables and enable more people to decarbonise their homes and businesses. 

Transforming WA's electricity system is a complex, but necessary, task. It requires an expert team to manage the extraordinary scale of electrification and the speed it needs to be delivered. It needs to be project managed and the scope of it reaches outside of Western Power and beyond the responsibilities of any existing agency.

Which is why, PoweringWA has been established to ensure our plan remains on track. PoweringWA will coordinate the actions needed to deliver the electricity infrastructure required to decarbonise the SWIS and will:

  • streamline the development of transmission, renewable electricity generation and battery storage projects;
  • work with government partners and stakeholders across the entire electricity value chain;
  • engage with communities and First Nations people; and 
  • ensure robust foundations are in place for investment in electricity infrastructure.

Strategic investments now. Smarter for WA

With our ageing electricity infrastructure ready for large-scale improvements and upgrades in WA, the time is right to take advantage of the State’s renewable resources. 

One of the most important benefits of transmission investment is energy diversification. A reliable, high-capacity transmission system allows the grid to connect to a range of renewable resources. For example, when the sun goes down in the Mid West, we can access the wind blowing overnight in the South West, and we can still transmit power from batteries or efficient gas-fired generators from Perth. This improves power system security and maximises our use of renewable resources.

An integrated approach to transformation

Over the next few years, PoweringWA will engage closely with industry and communities to understand their needs. It has been established to ensure the delivery of electricity infrastructure is efficient, effective and mitigates impacts as much as possible.

It will also ensure government processes are completed in a responsible and timely manner, address risks as they arise, coordinate stakeholder engagement, feedback and provide regular updates on progress.

Western Power will continue to remain responsible for planning, designing and delivering transmission projects within the program, and project proponents will be responsible for developing renewable generation and storage projects. PoweringWA will help orchestrate the various moving parts as we move towards net zero in WA. 

Clear principles that will change WA's electricity system for the better

PoweringWA is committed to reflecting what matters most to the WA community across the life of the transformation program. It will be a trusted and transparent partner, engaging meaningfully with stakeholders and helping impacted communities realise value from the energy transformation.

It will identify, reduce and manage the impact of infrastructure developments, including on native forests, endangered habitats, areas of cultural significance and other community impacts such as farming, fire and bio-hazard risks. 

This includes empowering Aboriginal people and impacted communities to gain opportunities from WA’s low-emission, renewable energy transformation. And wherever possible, it’ll look to first enhance and upgrade the existing energy network infrastructure before building on a new footprint or disrupting land and communities. 

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PoweringWA Community Support

Western Australia is going through a transformation as we move towards a low-emissions energy system. If you have questions, concerns, or would like support with finding information, please reach out to: PoweringWAsupport@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Priority Project Determinations

The timely delivery of major transmission infrastructure is also being supported by the regulatory framework, which now allows for critical and time-sensitive projects to be declared a "Priority Project". The North Region Energy Project Stage 1 has been determined as the Priority Project, which means work can commence immediately. More information on this process is available on our Priority Project Determinations page.


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