Strategic and Consumer Policy

Strategic and Consumer Policy is one of the two divisions of Energy Policy WA.
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Consumer Policy branch

Consumer Advocacy 

Managing and developing the Western Australian energy consumer advocacy policy framework, including knowledge sharing with consumer advocates and grants to facilitate capacity building and research.

Customer Supply team

Developing and implementing the legislative and regulatory framework to facilitate efficient delivery of energy supplies with suitable customer protections.

Retail Policy team

Promoting competitive retail electricity and gas markets with positive outcomes for energy consumers.

Emergency Management branch

Emergency Management team

Supporting the Coordinator of Energy in carrying out the Coordinator’s emergency management function as the Hazard Management Agency for gas, liquid fuels and electricity supply disruption.

Strategic Energy Policy branch

Energy Industry Development team

Promoting the uptake of renewable energy in the mining sector and supporting the development of associated local manufacturing industries and services by providing information, supporting stakeholders to address potential barriers and collaborating with relevant government agencies.

National Policy team

Providing advice on national energy policy matters including issues being progressed by the Energy Senior Officials’ Meeting, and its associated Working Groups, and the Energy Ministers’ Meeting. Progressing amendments to Western Australian based legislation with respect to the national gas pipeline regulatory framework and providing advice in relation to energy efficiency proposals and initiatives, both at a national and state level.

Strategic Energy Initiatives team

Developing and implementing regulatory and policy frameworks relating to strategic energy issues, which requires the coordination of a diverse range of government and industry stakeholders, and includes matters such as hydrogen development and regional supply.