Market Development and Coordination

Market Development and Coordination is one of the two divisions of Energy Policy WA.
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Electricity Networks and Customer Participation branch

Distributed Energy Networks (DER) Participation team

Delivering actions under the State Government’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Roadmap and Electric Vehicles (EV) Action Plan to safely and efficiently integrate smaller scale DER such as rooftop solar, energy storage, and EVs within Western Australia’s power systems and ensure ongoing value for customers.

Electricity Network Regulation Team

Managing policy regarding the regulation of Western Australia’s electricity networks, including how Western Power and Horizon Power implement their roles in integrating DER and maintaining power system security and reliability.

Planning and Coordination branch

Government Trading Enterprises team

Providing advice to the Minister for Energy on the operations, strategies, and statutory obligations of Western Power, Horizon Power and Synergy.

Planning and Analytics team

Delivering the Whole of System Plan which models the transmission, generation and storage capacity that will be needed in the future under different energy demand scenarios. This team also provides energy related data and analytics services for the Minister for Energy and for other areas of the business.

Sectoral Emissions Reduction Strategies team

A new program of work that will provide robust and credible pathways for reducing emissions in the electricity sector across the state. This team also provides advice and support on climate action activity as it relates to the energy sector.

Wholesale Markets branch

Wholesale Electricity Market Reform team

Implementing the Energy Transformation Taskforce decision related to the reform of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).

Market Development and Reviews team

Leading the further development of the WEM by undertaking WEM development reviews, as well as supporting the Coordinator of Energy decisions such as whether to trigger the procurement of Non Cooptimised Essential System Services.

Market Rule Changes and Administration team

Supporting the Market Advisory Committee, the Gas Advisory Board and the Pilbara Advisory Committee, and supporting the Coordinator of Energy in assessing and making proposed changes to the WEM Rules, the Gas Services Information Rules and the Pilbara Network Rules.