Commercial opportunities for forestry operators

The Forest Products Commission wants to hear from forestry operators who may be available to undertake commercial harvesting, ecological thinning or log haulage linked to our operations.
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About the Forest Products Commission

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) is a Statutory Corporation of the WA State Government. The FPC is committed to working with the State Government and industry to facilitate a vibrant and sustainable forest industry into the future. We are responsible for sustainable forest management and supporting Western Australia’s (WA) forest products industry using forest products on land managed by the State.

Current operations and markets

All our operations are undertaken in accordance with the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 (FMP), which is prepared by the Conservation and Parks Commission (CPC) and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). The FPC is committed to assisting the forestry industry to support workers in timber and related industries. These industries include forest management, plantation harvesting, ecological thinning, haulage and selling products for primary processing and manufacturing.

The forest and timber industries are currently adapting and responding to significant changes, including a focus on thinning for ecological health within our native forests, increased utilisation of fibre from mining operations and the harvesting of sharefarms. These changes require new and innovative approaches. Additional capacity may also be required in the short term to manage the transition from operations under the current FMP to the next ten-year FMP.

Who we are looking to partner with

To ensure we reach production targets and logistical efficiency, there are some requirements that operators would need to meet. These include:

  • Ability to manage an operation of at least 10,000-20,000 tonne per annum of log product;
  • Ability to readily access appropriate equipment and/or operators;
  • Comply with all requirements for a harvesting operation (insurance, safety management system etc.); and
  • Available to commence operations as soon as possible.

What we offer

The FPC may negotiate a private treaty with suitable companies or refer operators to our industry partners. Responses will also inform any future tender processes associated with the FMP.

How to express an interest

A short, written response and outline of ability to meet the above requirements, including a summary of your experience and/or plant and equipment.

Who to contact for more information

Name/Job title: Mike Lobb, Manager, Business Development and Innovation

Phone: (08) 9363 4617