Farm Forestry Assist Program

The Farm Forestry Assist Program is a one-off grant for farmers and other land owners to plant pine trees on their land and support WA's softwood industry.
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FPC nursery pine seedling

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) manages the Farm Forestry Assist Program, a one-off grant for farmers and other landowners to plant pine trees on their land.

Successful applicants located within the State’s South West are provided with high-quality radiata pine seedlings from the FPC at no cost to the successful applicant.

Farmers and landowners interested in establishing 20 to 50-hectare pine plantations on their properties are invited to apply.

Interested parties can register their interest via the Farm Forestry Assist Program Expression Of Interest (EOI) form. Applicants must review the Grant Eligibility Criteria addressing the property location, scale, soil, access and management of the plantations. The Establishment Checklist can be completed after the application has been approved and site checked by an FPC Officer, assistance from the FPC can be provided.

What the program sets out to achieve

Established plantings have the capacity to diversify income, complement farm operations, provide land care benefits and also support Western Australia’s vibrant softwood industry.

When do applications for EOIs close?

Applications close at 5 pm on Friday, 3 May 2024. Late applications may be considered for the 2024 program at the discretion of FPC but are discouraged. If not considered for 2024, they may be eligible for the 2025 program.

Is there a minimum plantation area?

Yes, planting should be a minimum 20-hectare in size. 

Do the plantations have to be in a specific location?

The plantation must be established within Dardanup cell of the Softwood Industry Hubs as outlined in the FPC’s Softwood Industry Strategy for Western Australia.

To ensure that your plantation will be able to contribute to WA’s softwood industry, grant eligibility criteria may include:

  • located within a viable haul distance from processing facilities;
  • located in areas which have at least 600 mm annual rainfall in order to support healthy plantation growth;
  • have access suitable for heavy vehicles and trucks to facilitate harvesting in the future; and
  • soils that are free draining to a minimum of 2.5m and not saline.

Please refer to the Grant Eligibility Criteria and the Establishment Checklist prior to registering your interest.

Is there a deadline for plantation establishment?

Yes, the plantations must be established during the winter planting season once seedlings are provided.

Who owns the trees after establishment?

The owner of the property has full possession of the trees and has all rights to the trees. 

How do I apply for a Farm Forestry Assist grant?

If you are interested in applying for a Farm Forestry Assist grant, please complete the below expression of interest form and email it to