Specialty timber auctions

Specialty timbers are salvaged by the FPC from land-clearing projects and are offered for sale as individual or bundles of logs or sawn timber via public auctions.
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The Forest Products Commission (FPC) regularly auction specialty timbers salvaged from land-clearing projects such as mining and road construction.

Extensive selections of highly prized Western Australian species from the South West and Goldfields regions are offered for sale as individual or bundles of logs or sawn timber. 

Auction lots are sized to accommodate small commercial operators, craftspeople and hobbyists who require varying amounts of timber or craftwood.

Upcoming auctions

Auction dates are dependent on timber availability and are subject to change. 

Check the auction website regularly or contact the FPC Auction Coordinator on (08) 9782 4463 to confirm the date of the next auction.

Location and times

Auctions may be held at either of the following locations: 

  • FPC Harvey Mill (64 Weir Road, Harvey)
  • FPC Manjimup Nursery and Seed Centre (150 Burnside Road, West Manjimup)
  • Online through the Ross' Auctioneers and Valuers website

For more information on our timber auctions

Catalogues and auction details are available from the Ross' Auctioneers and Valuers website, which also has a reminder service available for registered customers.

If you are interested in our timber auctions, contact the FPC Auction Coordinator via email auctions@fpc.wa.gov.au or by calling (08) 9782 4463. 

Frequently asked questions

When can items on offer be inspected?

Please contact the FPC Auction Coordinator on (08) 9782 4463 to confirm inspection times for the next auction.

Is absentee bidding available?

Yes. For full information on absentee bidding, please refer to the auctioneer's buyer information.

Can FPC assist in arranging cartage/transportation?

No, but our staff have a list of cartage and transportation providers who can assist you.

Is assistance available for loading a vehicle/truck?

Our staff are happy to load your purchased timbers, either by forklift or loader. This service is provided at your own risk. All relevant road traffic and occupational safety and health (OSH) rules apply. Where an issue of safety or non-compliance with road traffic regulations is identified, FPC staff will not assist with loading vehicles. The FPC retains the right to refuse to load any vehicle or trailer for any reason.

Where can I have my logs sawn or dried?

Our staff can provide information on a range of service providers.

Can I export timber purchased from an FPC timber auction?

No, you cannot export Western Australian native forest logs or sawn timber products purchased from FPC auctions.

You need to abide with FPC's domestic processing conditions. Domestic processing conditions only apply to the export of Western Australian native forest species. These lots are clearly marked in the auction catalogue and identified by the auctioneer on the day.

What are FPC's domestic processing conditions?

Domestic processing means Western Australian native forest logs or timbers, purchased at FPC auctions, must be processed within Western Australia into finished products such as furniture, joinery, artisan products or flooring.

Does domestic processing apply only to logs?

No. Timber, logs or timber produced from logs purchased at FPC auctions cannot be exported unless processed locally into finished products such as furniture, joinery, artisan products or flooring.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Please refer to the Auctioneer's buyer information page for full details on accepted payment methods.