Individuals, groups and businesses can adopt a spot to keep litter-free.
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Students at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School at their Adopt-a-Spot at Glen Iris Skate Park.

Do you feel frustrated by seeing litter lying around your street, park or local beach?  Then why not adopt that spot and volunteer to help keep your spot litter-free.

Individuals, community groups, businesses or school communities can volunteer with the Adopt-a-Spot program and contribute to a cleaner environment. You receive free resources to help, insurance cover if you need it and an Adoption Certificate.

About Adopt-a-Spot

Adopt-a-Spot is an anti-litter program that engages volunteers (individuals, community groups, business groups) to undertake coordinated litter clean-ups of designated sites in their communities. Sites include but are not limited to: roadsides, streets, parks, waterways, bush trails, beaches and wetlands.

Participants are provided with tools and support and receive an adoption certificate to acknowledge their commitment.