How to adopt-a-spot

Instructions on how to volunteer for the program.
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How to get involved and adopt-a-spot

  1. Choose your favourite site to do regular clean ups; it could be your street, local park, waterway, bush trail, beach, roadway* or wetland.
  2. Decide on an approximate date for your first clean up and if appropriate, invite your friends, family and neighbours to join you.
  3. Go to our registration page, register your name/group and complete the details of your site.
  4. Wait to receive our registration email and your clean up kit by post.
  5. Check back after your clean up via our online clean up report and tell us what you picked up.

If you want to know more, please email the Program Coordinator

*Note: Applications to clean up main roads in Western Australia require approval from Main Roads WA. Please ensure the road you want to adopt/clean up has traffic volume of less than 10,000 cars per day (see TrafficMap) and KABC will advise on the next steps once you have registered. Read more about the process.

Insurance information

To ensure your group is covered by Keep Australia Beautiful Council insurance during clean up activities please note and download the following documents.

1. Risk warning – All volunteers need to read this document before filling out the volunteer registration form. Usually this would be in display at your registration.

2. KAB Volunteer Registration form – All volunteers at your site must complete this form for insurance purposes before commencing any clean up activities. If you have a large group or want to save printing, please contact us to receive a pre-printed pad of forms or direct your volunteers to our online form. (Contact us to receive a spreadsheet of your group registrations before the first event).

Note: This form only needs to be completed once before the first Adopt-a-Spot clean up. For subsequent clean ups, we only require volunteers to record their name on the sign on register before clean ups. Please ensure you collect all forms and return them as a complete set to Keep Australia Beautiful for our records.  

3. Sign on register for volunteers – All volunteers must sign on and off for clean up activities. Please send the completed form to KABC.

4. Accident/incident form – Please report injuries as soon as possible

5.  Request for volunteers form – This form is an agreement between KABC and you which allows us to provide insurance for the volunteers. This will be emailed to you separately. Please read, check details, sign and return to KAB prior to the first clean up event. Email to

Other information to assist your clean-up activities:

This information is specifically designed to assist you to review your site safety and plan to manage any risks. This task should be done before commencing any clean up activities

The data you collect on the clean up days is very valuable to us and will also assist you in understanding your site better. Please make time at the end of your Adopt-a-Spot clean ups to complete the online form or the green reporting card that will be supplied to you

This booklet was developed for KAB general clean up activities, but has some useful information for aspects of your Adopt-a-Spot clean up activities. Besides reinforcing safety information, there is also information on rubbish removal and recycling, promoting your event and first aid.