Agency Capability Review Program

A new program to drive excellence and continuous improvement in the public sector.

The Agency Capability Review Program (PDF) establishes, for the first time, a sectorwide approach to improvement by identifying the capabilities needed to be a high performing agency in the Western Australian context.

Reviews use a new framework (PDF) that sets out 21 capabilities, grouped under the 5 most significant areas of public sector management and administration.

Each review is led by a trained and independent reviewer external to the agency and supported by a dedicated team at the Commission. The review provides the agency with a clear understanding of its current capabilities, including both strengths and areas for improvement.

A review report gives the agency’s leaders vital details on where to focus their efforts for maximum performance improvement. Reviews also showcase good practice that can be shared with other agencies.

2-year trial

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The program is being trialled from July 2021 to June 2023 through 8 reviews of government departments. It will then be evaluated to determine if it has met its objectives and is helping agencies become stronger and deliver even better services to Western Australians.

The departments to be reviewed during the trial are selected by the Public Sector Commissioner.

The first 3 departments are being selected in August/September and reviews are starting in November 2021.

Page reviewed 14 July 2021