Direct contacts - Public Sector Commission

Contact information for specific areas in the Public Sector Commission.
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If you have a specific question you can directly contact an area of the Public Sector Commission using the details below:

Agency Capability and Improvement

Topic Contact
  • Agency capability review

Chief Executive Officers

Topic Contact
  • CEO employment
  • CEO assessment and performance

Government boards and committees

Topic Contact
  • Remuneration of Government boards and committees
  • Good governance - government boards and committees

Integrity and risk

Topic Contact
  • Reporting or notifying minor misconduct

Read this information before reporting minor misconduct

Public Sector Commission, Locked Bag 3002, West Perth WA 6872

  • Code of ethics or codes of conduct
  • The Public Interest Disclosure process
  • Commissioner’s Instructions and Circulars relating to integrity, ethical conduct and discipline
  • Integrity promotion and misconduct prevention programs and products  

+61 8 6552 8888

  • Information on existing breach of standard claims and matters of referral lodged with the Public Sector Commission

+61 8 6552 8637

  • Public Interest Disclosure officer contact list and declaration forms

+61 8 6552 8729

  • Register of Lobbyists

+61 8 6552 8638

  • Freedom of Information applications

+61 8 6552 8550

  • Accountable and Ethical Decision Making training and materials

Leadership development and talent

Topic Contact
  • Leadership development and services

+61 8 6552 8766

  • Talent management

Senior Executive Service

Topic Contact
  • Senior executive service employment

Strategic Communication and media

  • Media
  • Strategic Communications

Traineeships and internships

Topic Contact
  • Traineeships  
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeship program 
  • Public Sector Internship program

Study assistance

Topic Contact
  • Public sector study assistance scheme

WA Public Sector Learning Initiative

  • Learning Initiative

Workforce Policy and Diversity

Topic Contact

We provide advice to public sector employers on workforce and governance matters including:

  • Public Sector Standards in Human Resource Management
  • Commissioner’s instructions and circulars
  • recruitment and employment policy and practices
  • redeployment and redundancy
  • annual reporting guidelines.

 For public sector staff, please contact your HR team for assistance with individual matters.
  • Technical advice on our Recruitment and Advertising Management System
  • Workforce planning
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Equal employment opportunity management plans