Government qualifications

Public sector employees have many opportunities to further their skills while working in government.
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The Public Sector Commission promotes government qualifications to develop specific skills and capabilities.

These qualifications formally recognise the learning an employee acquires throughout their career, while addressing any gaps in their skills and knowledge along the way.

They provide a practical, industry-specific and cost-effective solution for agencies addressing skill shortages and workforce challenges.

They also strengthen an employee’s commitment to their career while fostering a learning culture within agencies.

Public sector training package

Government qualifications help those entering the sector at any stage of their career, while helping current employees develop the skills required for a successful career.

The Public Sector Training Package is a set of nationally-endorsed competencies, skill sets and qualifications.

The 28 qualifications are: 

  • Certificate II in Auslan (PSP20218)
  • Certificate II in Government (PSP20116)
  • Certificate III in Government (PSP30116)
  • Certificate III in Auslan (PSP30218)
  • Certificate IV in Government Investigations (PSP40416)
  • Certificate IV in Government Security (PSP40316)
  • Certificate IV in Court Operations (PSP40216)
  • Certificate IV in Government (PSP40116)
  • Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting (PSP40616)
  • Certificate IV in Heavy Vehicle Road Compliance (PSP40716)
  • Certificate IV in Trade Measurement (PSP40516)
  • Certificate IV in Auslan (PSP40818)
  • Diploma of Translating (PSP50816)
  • Diploma of Fraud Control (PSP50716)
  • Diploma of Court Operations (PSP50216)
  • Diploma of Auslan (PSP51018)
  • Diploma of Government (PSP50116)
  • Diploma of Government Security (PSP50316)
  • Diploma of Government Investigations (PSP50416)
  • Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (PSP50616)
  • Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English) (PSP50916)
  • Diploma of Trade Measurement (PSP50516)
  • Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (PSP60616)
  • Advanced Diploma of Translating (PSP60816)
  • Advanced Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English) (PSP60916)
  • Advanced Diploma of Government (Workplace inspection/ Investigations/Fraud control) (PSP60116)
  • Graduate Certificate in Radiation Safety (PSP80216)
  • Graduate Certificate in Strategic Procurement (PSP80116).


There are many qualifications available that reflect careers in the public sector with each qualification including compulsory and elective competencies.

Government qualifications are gained through:

  • employment based traineeships
  • recognition of prior learning
  • participation in professional development programs and workshops
  • on-the-job training
  • self-paced, distanced or online learning.

These qualifications are available:

Certificate II in Government 

Includes introductory competencies for a career in the public sector. It’s aimed at school based trainees, full time trainees, administrative assistants and customer service officer roles.

Certificate III in Government 

Includes entry level competencies for a career in public administration. It’s aimed at full or part-time trainees, customer service advisers, administrative assistants, project support officers and executive assistant roles. This qualification also provides specialist streams in court services, border protection, protective security and personnel vetting.

Certificate IV in Government 

Includes job-specific competencies for those in high-level, operational roles in the sector. It’s aimed at multi-skilled personnel like project officers and research officer roles. This qualification also provides specialist streams in human resources management, land administration, injury claims administration, injury rehabilitation management, border protection and revenue administration.

Diploma of Government 

Includes competencies for independent high-level work in the sector. It’s aimed at those with diverse responsibilities instead of a specific specialisation as well as those working in small or regionally-based organisations. This diploma offers many specialist streams in injury management, workplace inspection and policy development.

Advanced Diploma of Government 

Includes competencies for working autonomously and without routine. This qualification is for employees entering the sector with another qualification, and those progressing within the sector. Specialist streams are available in workplace inspection, investigations and fraud control.

Graduate Certificates 

This qualification applies to two specific occupations - radiation safety officers and strategic procurement specialists responsible for the integration of procurement into organisational policy and direction.

Outcomes and benefits

Government qualifications build and recognise public administration skills and specialised training for public sector jobs.

They allow individuals to demonstrate and apply:

  • ethical and accountable decision-making
  • policy implementation and analysis
  • compliance with WA public sector legislation
  • quality service
  • government processes, protocols and communication strategies.

While gaining:

  • public administration skills
  • an increased capability in service delivery
  • management and succession planning and strategy knowledge
  • the ability to address skill shortages
  • valuable employees
  • a vibrant learning culture
  • professional development pathways.

Training providers

Only registered training providers can deliver nationally recognised qualifications and competencies.

The training provider delivers the training and determines the qualification level and its competencies. They assess the skills and knowledge gained, issue certificates and maintain academic records.

Engaging a registered training provider

Agencies interested in engaging a training provider are required to follow the Department of Finance’s advice for buying goods and services, even when there is no existing CUA in place.