Public Sector Commission - Statement of Business Ethics

This statement provides guidance about what partners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can expect when conducting business with the Commission, and the ethical standards we meet. It also sets out our expectations of those who do business with us.
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Our approach to doing business

The Public Sector Commission is a central agency responsible for setting ethical standards, promoting integrity and helping to prevent misconduct across the WA government sector.

We observe the highest standards of integrity at all times and expect those doing business with us do the same to help us deliver public value. 

What you can expect from us What we expect from you


  • act in accordance with the Public Sector Code of Ethics and our Code of Conduct
  • comply with any legislation, policies and procedures set for the public sector
  • treat you with transparency, fairness and respect
  • protect and responsibly manage the Commission and state’s resources
  • do not seek gifts, financial and non-financial benefits for performing our official duties
  • declare and manage any situations that involve or could be perceived to involve a conflict of interest
  • protect commercial in confidence information
  • work cooperatively with you to resolve any disputes
  • report unethical behaviour, misconduct and corruption.


  • become familiar with this statement
  • act lawfully
  • act with integrity, being fair and respectful in your dealings with us
  • act responsibly when using Commission resources
  • understand and comply with policies, procedures and practices, conditions and requirements stated in documents supplied by us
  • act in accordance with the terms and conditions of any contracts
  • do not offer our staff any gifts, financial or non-financial benefits
  • manage business risks to prevent fraud and corruption
  • declare any actual, potential and perceived conflicts of interest
  • treat all information you receive from us as confidential unless otherwise indicated
  • respect our intellectual property rights and formally negotiate any use of them
  • report unethical behaviour, misconduct and corruption involving Commission staff.

Reporting concerns

If you are concerned about the conduct of Commission staff or feel we have not upheld the expectations in this statement, email Alternatively you can report wrongdoing though one of the pathways below.

Public interest disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 enables people to make disclosures about wrongdoing in the WA government sector without fear of reprisal and protects them when they do.

If you wish to lodge a public interest disclosure we encourage you to contact one of our PID officers before lodging a disclosure using our lodgement form. All contact and discussions are treated with the strictest confidence.

Minor misconduct

To report suspected minor misconduct by a public officer to the Public Sector Commission fill out the online form or contact:
T: (08) 6552 8888

Serious misconduct

The Corruption and Crime Commission assesses, investigates and exposes serious misconduct in the WA public sector and misconduct in the WA Police Force.

You can report corruption online or via:
T: 1800 803 186
Post: PO Box 330, Northbridge Post Shop WA 6865
In person: Level 5, 45 Francis Street, Northbridge WA 6003 (9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday)


For any questions about this statement email