The Life Toll

We’re all familiar with the road toll being a record of lives lost on our roads. But what about those who survive, and whose lives will never be the same again due to the injuries and trauma they have suffered? This is The Life Toll, a record of the consequences of serious road trauma.
Make every journey safe

The majority of serious crashes involve people of all ages making an error, having a momentary lapse in concentration, or misjudging a situation.  These crashes can result in serious and permanent injury. 

The Life Toll gives a voice to road trauma survivors. Their powerful stories are emotional and confronting. They detail tragic circumstances that resonate with individuals, leading them to believe – it could happen to me. 

The aim of sharing these stories is to encourage people to consider their own driving behaviour, which can lead to improved decision making and road safety outcomes. 

Roslind's story

Paul's story

Ben's story

Cory's story

Page reviewed 10 May 2022