Training Accreditation Council Regulatory Framework

The Training Accreditation Council (TAC) operates within an agreed national Vocational Education and Training (VET) regulatory framework defined in a set of standards and policies.
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TAC is responsible for the registration of training providers delivering nationally recognised training to domestic students in Western Australia (WA) and Victoria.  TAC is also responsible for course accreditation under the AQTF2021 Standards for Accredited Courses.

TAC does not register or regulate RTOs delivering nationally recognised training:

  • to students in States other than WA and Victoria; or
  • to international students on student visas in Australia. 

TAC operates within an agreed national VET regulatory framework defined in a set of standards and policies aimed at achieving greater national consistency in the way RTOs are registered and monitored and in how VET standards are enforced.  The framework includes:


This framework is designed to ensure the integrity of nationally recognised training products with audits being a means of establishing whether an RTO is operating in accordance with the framework.

The TAC Secretariat supports TAC in the performance of these regulatory functions. The Secretariat:

  • facilitates all application processes, including the registration of providers and accreditation of courses;
  • provides information and assistance to new and existing RTOs;
  • facilitates the day to day operations of the VET regulator; 
  • contributes to the development of state and national policy on vocational education and training; and
  • investigates complaints in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. 

A published set of Service Standards at the link below, describes the level of performance RTOs can expect when dealing with TAC and the TAC Secretariat.

TAC Service Standards