Western Australian Energy Disputes Arbitrator

We provide a disputes resolution service in relation to access to natural gas pipelines and regulated electricity networks in Western Australia.
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What we do

The Western Australian Energy Disputes Arbitrator (the Arbitrator) is an independent statutory office established under section 62 of the Energy Arbitration and Review Act 1998 with administrative support provided by Energy Policy WA.

The services provided by the Arbitrator relate to infrastructure located in Western Australia. This includes Western Power’s electricity network and regulated gas pipelines in the State.

The Arbitrator provides a disputes resolution service:

  • in relation to the negotiation of contracts and contractual disputes regarding access to regulated electricity networks;
  • between users, or prospective users, and providers of gas pipeline services and other parties seeking access to regulated gas pipelines;
  • between a gas producer and the operator of a pipeline that is subject to a pipeline impact agreement; and
  • between parties associated with the use, storage or transportation of broad specification gas.

There are currently four regulated gas pipeline systems in Western Australia:

  • Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline;
  • Goldfields Gas Pipeline;
  • Kalgoorlie to Kambalda Pipeline; and
  • Mid West and South West Gas Distribution Systems.

The Arbitrator also has responsibility for the financial management of, and provision of administrative support to, the Electricity Review Board.

The Arbitrator

Mr Gordon Smith was appointed as Energy Disputes Arbitrator for a three year term from 12 July 2022.

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