Find your local Community Resource Centre

Locally owned and operated, community resource centres (CRCs) provide a wide array of information and community-based services to local people, businesses and visitors.
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CRCs are committed to developing regional communities and connecting the people of Western Australia.

They provide training and education programs, access to business facilities, and information on community events and government services.

Some of the things you can do at a CRC include:

  • access public computers and the internet
  • photocopy, print and fax documents
  • access videoconferencing facilities
  • enhance your skills through training programs and courses
  • access information on government services
  • do a professional development course
  • start your own business and receive business training and support
  • enrol in a degree or course online
  • download, edit and print digital photos

They provide access to government and community services and information and undertake community, business and economic development activities.

Find your local community resource centre

You can find all the towns with a DPIRD supported CRC on the map below, along with their contact information and a website link to get the latest information about what’s going on at the CRC.