Becoming an RTO webinar

This webinar guides participants through the application process and identifies documents that will assist in preparing the initial registration application.
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The Training and Accreditation Council (TAC) records its education program webinars that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can access to support compliance practices. The TAC Webinar Recordings and Resources webpage offers a comprehensive list of webinars currently available.

TAC encourages you to attend this webinar which provides information on the application process to become an RTO.  

By the end of the session, you will have an understanding of what is required in the preparation of an initial registration application, how to submit an application, the audit process and where to find information to assist in your application to become an RTO.

Presenter: Lisa Regan (Published 16 June 2023)

Session length: 25 Minutes 

Webinar handout: Participant Handouts