Bin stickers

Get your artistic crew together! Keep Australia Beautiful WA is delighted to offer remote and regional towns in Western Australia complimentary custom designed bin stickers.
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This initiative is part of the Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards (and you don't need to be an entrant to get the stickers).

It is open to community members, groups, corporations, local councils and schools to create bin stickers promoting litter free communities. It's a great project to get your community members involved in.   

We will provide up to 18 stickers free of charge for your community once. 

There can be nine different designs, with two of each design printed. Stickers are sponsored by Natsales.

How to get your stickers

  1. Email to let us know you are going to design stickers and we can assist.
  2. Read how to design your stickers.
  3. Download the bin sticker template. Ensure the template is suitable for your bins, contact us if in doubt.
  4. Email the design/s as pdfs to