Climate Science Initiative

Equipping Western Australians with the latest climate science and knowledge to respond to our changing climate
Climate Science Initiative

Understanding our variable and changing climate is critical to developing and implementing solutions for a resilient, low-carbon Western Australia. 

The State Government is investing $3.1 million in climate science to support decision-making, ensure informed risk assessment and robust adaptation planning. 

The Climate Science Initiative will:

  • make updated, high-resolution climate data and information for Western Australia available, and accessible to decision-makers and the community
  • engage and empower Western Australians to use climate data in planning and decision-making.
  • identify and plan for future sector and regionally specific climate data and knowledge needs.  

You can read more about Western Australia’s future climate by clicking on the link below. 

Collaboration and partnerships including with other jurisdictions and Australia’s world-class research and science institutions will underpin the success of the Climate Science Initiative. 

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Page reviewed 1 September 2022