Waste levy rate schedule

This schedule provides notice of the anticipated waste levy rates over a five-year period.
Last updated:

From 1 July 2024, the rate of the waste levy will be increased to $85. The levy was last increased in 2018.

This initial ‘catch-up’ increase is to ensure the effect of the price signal is maintained relative to other costs.

A rolling five-year schedule of levy rates will be published periodically. The anticipated rates for subsequent years are shown in the table below.

Financial year Levy rate to take effect Levy rate per tonne Levy rate per cubic metre
2023­­–24 1 July 2023 $70 $105
2024–25 1 July 2024 $85 $129
2025–26 1 July 2025 $88* $133*
2026–27 1 July 2026 $90* $136*
2027–28 1 July 2027 $93* $141*


*The need for further increases will be considered as part of the 2023 review of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 (the waste strategy). This review will consider progress against the waste strategy’s targets and provide advice on further initiatives which may be needed to accelerate outcomes or target progress in particular areas.