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Before contacting us, please see the information on the website about vehicle licence duty.

What is your enquiry about?
Type of enquiryWhat to do
Dutiable value of the vehicleUse our online calculator.
When and who to pay

The purchaser (transferee) is liable for duty as of the date the licence is granted or transferred.

  • Pay the Department of Transport when the vehicle licence is transferred.
  • Pay RevenueWA if a reassessment of vehicle licence duty is made.
Apply for an exemption from dutySee our web page for exemptions you may be eligible to receive.
How to object to an assessmentSee our web page for details about lodging an objection. Contact us before lodging an objection as we may be able to resolve your enquiry.
How to prepare for an auditSee our audits and investigations web page.

When contacting us, please provide details of your assessment, Client ID, Bundle ID or correspondence.

You can contact us online or by telephone on 9262 1100.