Evaluating offers and writing evaluation reports training

Workshop: This will provide WA Public Sector employees with an understanding of how to evaluate offers and write evaluation reports in the procurement of Community Services.
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This workshop focuses on the evaluation and award of offers in the procurement of Community Services.

Who is this training suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for WA Public Sector employees who already have some understanding of the community services procurement process.

You will learn

You will gain practical skills and knowledge to assist in evaluating offers and writing evaluation reports to support a successful procurement process including:

  • How to evaluate offers fairly and in line with key procurement policies
  • How to facilitate an evaluation panel and ensure processes are followed
  • How to develop an evaluation report that accurately reflects the evaluation process
  • How to award a service agreement and debrief unsuccessful service providers

Upcoming sessions

There are currently no sessions available for this course ·

For more information, please contact cspp@finance.wa.gov.au

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