Buy aerial photography, satellite imagery or maps

We hold a large range of maps, spatial datasets, aerial photography and other imagery of Western Australia, which you can view and purchase.
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Discover the history behind the name of your suburb or regional town and how we name our State's roads and features. All information contained within our Interactive Maps are for personal use only and may not be reproduced in any manner without Landgate’s consent.  For further information please read our Copyright statement.

For assistance is using this service telephone Landgate customer care on 61 8 9273 7373.

Imagery online

It is our role to capture state aerial and satellite images for public and private use. We capture images of the urban and regional landscape so that changes over time are easy to see. Our aerial imagery dates back to 1948 and we have been working with satellite imagery since 1981. View and purchase aerial imagery, or subscribe to a satellite imagery service. You might also like to purchase an aerial art piece from our landscape photography series, known as Earth is Art.

Interactive maps

These interactive maps allow you to zoom in and out, pan around a map and search for a location. You can view and purchase aerial photography, title searches, survey plans and property reports, titling documents and download geographic information designed for business use. You can also create your own printable map (in PDF) and find tools and applications that use satellite imaging.