View public data in the Locate map

The Locate map gives you all of the Shared Location Information Platform’s (SLIP) public data in the one convenient place.
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The themes provided in the map are:

  • boundaries
  • buildings and structures
  • education
  • environment
  • farming
  • geology and soils map
  • health
  • imagery and maps
  • industry and mining
  • infrastructure and utilities
  • people and society
  • places and addresses
  • plants and animals
  • property and planning
  • soil landscape
  • soil risk map
  • terrain
  • transport
  • water
  • Locate Imagery

If you are seeking Landgate property information you can now view this data using Landgate’s Map Viewer Plus.

For information about Firewatch - fire hotspots visit MyFireWatch which provides bushfire location information.

For information about Main Roads traffic feed visit the Main Roads WA Travel Map.