View public data in the Locate map

The Locate map gives you all of the Shared Location Information Platform’s (SLIP) public data in the one convenient place.

The themes provided in the map are:

  • boundaries
  • buildings and structures
  • education
  • environment
  • farming
  • geology and soils map
  • health
  • imagery and maps
  • industry and mining
  • infrastructure and utilities
  • people and society
  • places and addresses
  • plants and animals
  • property and planning
  • soil landscape
  • soil risk map
  • terrain
  • transport
  • water
  • Locate Imagery

If you are seeking Landgate property information you can now view this data using Landgate’s Map Viewer Plus.

For information about Firewatch - fire hotspots visit MyFireWatch which provides bushfire location information.

For information about Main Roads traffic feed visit the Main Roads WA Travel Map.

Page reviewed 20 November 2017