Buy property valuation roll extracts

Landgate holds formal valuation records for all rateable land in Western Australia.
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Two types of extracts are available from the official valuation rolls: unimproved value (UV) or gross rental value (GRV) which are determined by the Valuer General who is responsible for ensuring valuations remain as accurate as possible.

Valuation roll extracts give you:

  • unimproved land value or gross rental value
  • Certificate of Title (volume and folio)
  • property type
  • land area details
  • local government
  • current and previous valuation dates and amounts
  • past three unimproved land values or gross rental values

Gross rental value is used for:

  • determining council rates of urban land
  • calculating water agency charges and emergency services levies and some sewer and drainage charges

Unimproved land value is for:

  • calculating land tax and metropolitan region improvement tax (MRIT)
  • council rates (mostly for non-urban land)

What you need to order:

  • property street address, title number (volume and folio) or lot on plan number
  • debit or credit card
  • email address

For assistance is using this service telephone Landgate customer care on 61 8 9273 7373.