Middle Canning River surface water allocation plan

This plan sets out how we will manage the surface water resources of the Middle Canning River from the base of the Canning Dam to Kent Street Weir in Wilson.

Plan release information

The Middle Canning River surface water allocation plan and Statement of response were released in September 2012.

The plan includes allocation limits, which define how much water is available in the Middle Canning River plan area.

It describes how we will allocate and manage water resources and how we will monitor, measure and evaluate the objectives of the plan.

Water allocation planning in the Middle Canning River

Declining rainfall has resulted in lower natural flow levels, which has affected the river's ecological values and the ability of water users to take water, as well as placing increased pressure on the Integrated Water Supply Scheme.

To reflect these changes, the department has updated the allocation limit while still supplying water to licensed users and maintaining the river's key ecological functions.

Plan area

The Middle Canning River plan area is located to the south-east of Perth and extends from the Swan–Canning Estuary across the Swan Coastal Plain onto the Darling plateau.

The plan area covers the middle Canning River channel. Surface water flows in the catchment are regulated by the Canning Reservoir (on the upper reaches of the river), the Victoria Reservoir (upper Bickley Brook), the Wungong Reservoir (Southern–Wungong River) and the Churchman Reservoir (Churchman Brook).

Water resources

The Canning River is the main source of water in the Canning catchment. The flows in the upper part of the Canning River have been stored to provide water for the Integrated Water Supply Scheme since 1940.

Treated scheme water is released into the middle Canning River over summer, which provides for licensed use for economic and domestic purposes and contributes to maintaining the river's ecological, social and cultural values.

Middle Canning water allocation plan area
Middle Canning River plan area


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