Access interactive maps showing Western Australia's biodiversity

Dandjoo provides high-quality data on Western Australia's biodiversity.
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Dandjoo is Western Australia's comprehensive ecosystem for biodiversity data management. It offers a comprehensive solution for accessing and exploring data from diverse sources. These include government, industry, and research entities. 

Key features and functionalities include:

  • data diversity: aggregates data from various sources
  • user-friendly data submission: simplifies data submission and review
  • interoperability: shares data with the Commonwealth's Biodiversity Data Repository
  • continuous development: evolves with user feedback
  • intuitive user interface: offers map-based data exploration
  • robust data curation: ensures data quality and standardisation
  • data variety: hosts species observation, survey, and vegetation data
  • data accessibility: provides a tools to download and access data
  • privacy measures: protects records of threatened species

For data providers:

  • data management
  • data standardisation
  • data submission
  • secure data access control
  • data embed
  • scientific oversight
  • data visualisation

Visit information about Dandjoo.

For data consumers:

  • high-quality data
  • standardised data
  • scientifically curated data
  • observation data
  • data visualisation platform
  • API access to data
  • centralised source of data
  • restricted data access