Apply for Restricted Access and Heavy Vehicle Permits

To operate a Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV), you must register as an operator. The permit required will determine whether you need Heavy Vehicle Accreditation.
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Permits are required to operate certain types of Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) in WA and are an instrument issued by the Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia to grant access to these vehicles to certain parts of the road network under specific operating conditions.

Only legal entities are able to register as a Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 Operator. Copies of proof of identity for each legal entity (an individual, company, Government agency, not for profit or charity) and any registered business name associated with the legal entity must be supplied with this application. Do not attach original documents.

For an existing organisation registered with Main Roads Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Services, only the currently recorded authorised contact person has the authority to amend RAV registration information. If that person is no longer the authorised contact person, then a new registration must be completed with an authority and declaration signed by a responsible person of the organisation. A responsible person is an officer of that organisation who is authorised to apply for registration as an operator of a RAV.

For more information contact Heavy Vehicle Services by telephoning 13 84 86.

The completed form should be emailed to or faxed to 61 8 9475 8455.