2022–23 Water and Environmental Regulation Annual report

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Our 2022–23 annual report tells of another busy year as we work for a low-carbon Western Australia, a healthy environment and secure water resources.
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Our annual report presents our achievements, reports on our operations, and details our financial statements.

Highlights include:

  • Our response to January’s devastating floods in the Kimberley. We provided water-level data to emergency services, took measurements and repaired monitoring equipment in dangerous conditions, and tackled waste management issues. 
  • The launch of our second Waterwise Perth Action Plan, Kep Katitjin – Gabi Kaadadjan, which means ‘water knowledge’ in the Whadjuk and Bindjareb dialects of the Country the plan covers. Total water saved by our two Waterwise Perth action plans now tops 12,000 million litres – enough to fill Optus Stadium 12 times.
  • Our role leading implementation of the Western Australian Climate Policy and establishing the Green Energy Approvals Initiative to provide a streamlined pathway for renewable energy projects.
  • The launch of our Environment Online web portal, which is transforming how we deliver regulatory services.
  • Phase 2 of our Plan for Plastics, which will phase out more single-use plastics. Phase 1 is already saving 300 million straws, 181 plastic cups and 110 million thick plastic bags from landfill each year.
  • $8.8 million donated to charities and community organisations in through Containers for Change. A total of 2.39 billion containers have been recycled since the scheme started in 2020.
  • Three new crayfish species being discovered by our Healthy Rivers team in the state’s south-west.

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