Collie Tourism Prospectus now available

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The WA Government has released the Collie Tourism Prospectus, calling on business operators to become a part of Collie’s tourism evolution.
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The WA Government is pleased to have released the Collie Tourism Prospectus.

Supporting regional tourism has been a priority for the WA Government for many years. In Collie, tourism has also been a very successful part of the efforts to transition the region away from a coal-based economy to a more diverse and sustainable future.   

Since the transition work has begun, the WA Government has committed over $40 million to support tourism initiatives and infrastructure, contributing to visitor numbers in Collie increasing by over 73% since investment commenced.

With the iconic Wellington Dam mural continuing to attract local and international visitors, and the final and most impressive stage of the $10 million Adventure Mountain bike trails in the Wellington Forest to be open in Summer 2023-24, it is expected these numbers will continue to rise as Collie’s reputation as a premier adventure destination in WA’s South West grows.

The success of this investment made by the State and the town, means that Collie is now facing high demand for new accommodation, and food and beverage offerings.

The Collie Tourism Prospectus showcases the opportunities available now and into the future and invites tourism operators to learn more about how they can become part of Collie’s tourism evolution.

For more information on tourism opportunities in Collie, contact our Department’s Collie Delivery Unit