Commission visit to Boronia Pre-release Centre

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WA Commissioner Dr John Byrne visited Boronia Pre-release Centre with Strategy and Engagement team members Kayla Manuel and Sarah Johnston to give the winner of the 2024 Aboriginal Calendar artwork her award in the lead up to the International Day of Human Rights.
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Commissioner giving resident her award with art in background

"It was wonderful to meet the artist and hear her speak about her inspiration for the artwork and how she created it, " Dr Byrne said.

Following the award giving, the award recipient took Commission staff on a tour of the prison. 

Dr Byrne said he found the tour very interesting and showed a supportive atmosphere for its residents.

"I thought the education and work programs had a lot of potential to prepare the women for life outside Boronia.

"There were also many activities to support the women's wellbeing and rehabilitation," he said.

Dr Byrne also said it was a pleasure to meet the Superintendent and members of the executive team at the prison.

"There is a sense of great pride in the facility among staff at Boronia Pre-release Centre which was positive to see," he said.