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WA Multicultural Awards

Western Australian Equal Opportunity Commissioner Dr John Byrne was one of the judges for the WA Multicultural Awards this year and attended the award ceremony held during WA Harmony Week.

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The Equal Opportunity Commission has two major roles. The first is to encourage recognition and an understanding of the principles of equal opportunity. Laws alone do not end intolerance, prejudice and discrimination in our community - so education is a vital part of the Commission’s function.

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Community events, education, training sessions, seminars, workshops and papers are regularly presented by Commission staff.   These seek to enhance understanding of the principles of equal opportunity, as well as increase recognition of the provisions contained in the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.  Presentations or training by Commission staff may be requested by contacting the Commission.



The second is to provide a means of redress to individuals who allege unlawful discrimination. 

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The Commissioner can investigate and endeavour to conciliate allegations of discrimination based on one or more grounds of the Act. A complaint must be in writing and can be in a person's first language.  The incident or incidents included in a complaint must have occurred less than 12 months before the complaint is lodged.  In some circumstances, the Commissioner may consider conciliation can help to resolve a complaint and a conciliation conference will be organised so the parties can participate.  Where a complaint cannot be conciliated, the Commissioner will decide whether the matter is dismissed or referred for determination by the State Administration Tribunal. If referred by the Commissioner, legal assistance may be provided to the complaint.


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