Communities is preparing for high-threat season

News story
With summer now upon us, Department of Communities is busy preparing for the high-threat season.
Group of emergency response trainees listening to man presenting on indoor basketball court. Signage in the photograph displays the words 'Services Australia'.

Department of Communities is responsible for providing relief and support services to people impacted by emergencies. This includes temporary accommodation, food, personal items, financial assistance, reuniting impacted people with family and connecting them to personal support services. We have 417 evacuation centres identified throughout the State that we can use in the event of an emergency. 

When people's lives are impacted by these critical events, it is Communities role to support them, especially as these events often have long-term impacts. Training and preparation is important because significant events during the year require a lot of  resources and coordination.

Communities’ Emergency Relief and Response team has recently carried out a number of preparatory exercises for the high threat season, including an evacuation centre exercise at Melville Leisure Fit Centre with other service providers including DFES, the Australian Red Cross, Youthcare and Services Australia.

Page reviewed 21 December 2022