Farm Forestry Assist Program - Grant applications now open

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Supporting WA's farmers and landowners to grow pine trees on their properties.
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The Forest Product Commission’s (FPC) Farm Forestry Assist Program, established in 2018, is a one-off grant for farmers and other landowners to plant pine trees on their properties.

It is open to farmers and landowners who are interested in establishing 20 to 50-hectare pine plantations subject to criteria such as location, scale, soil, access, and management of the plantations to ensure that any resulting plantings have the capacity to help support Western Australia’s softwood industry.

Successful applicants receive free, high-quality pine (Pinus radiata) seedlings from our West Manjimup Nursery and Seed Centre.

The pine seedlings available through this grant have been developed through a long-running tree improvement program, with selections based on drought-resistance, productivity, and timber properties.

Successful applicants can also access technical assistance to ensure the establishment process results in a healthy and productive plantation.

Since the launch of the program, more than 750,000 pine (Pinus radiata) seedlings have been planted across 20 properties with total area of over 550 hectares.

Established plantings have the capacity to diversify income, complement farm operations, provide landcare benefits, sequester carbon for financial gain and carbon offset, and contribute to meeting Western Australia’s future timber and fibre demand.

The program complements the State’s $350 million softwood investment plan to ensure a robust and sustainable forestry industry.

More information on the criteria and how to apply here.