New policy to support rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure

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A new position statement has been released to support the timely and coordinated delivery of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Western Australia.
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With growing interest in electric vehicles locally and globally, the new Position Statement: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure aims to assist proponents and planning decision-makers by encouraging early consideration of EV needs in new development projects and coordinating a streamlined approvals process for EV charging infrastructure.

The new policy supports the Western Australian Climate Policy and State Electric Vehicle Strategy which aims to increase the uptake of EVs in the State to deliver cleaner, more sustainable transport for our State’s future.

Early consideration in the planning phase of EV charging infrastructure needs by both local governments and proponents is a critical part of the policy to ensure such amenities are accounted for in the design and building phase of new developments, saving on costly retrofitting.

The position statement will support proponents and planning decision-makers by advocating for:

  • a consistent planning approach across local government, including consideration of public works and appropriate locations for infrastructure;
  • a streamlined approvals process, as well as guidance on when development approvals should not be required; and 
  • recommended charging level (general power, alternating current, or direct current) provisions for various land uses including residential developments, freeway service stations, beaches, hospitals, and other preferred locations. 

The policy was informed by public consultation and engagement with key industry and government stakeholders, which indicated strong support for the guidance provided by the position statement.

To view the position statement and for more information visit the Position Statement - Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure web page.